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Welcome to the Genuinely Approachable Sudoku (GAS) page! This site is intended as a non-Discord repository of all things GAS, including links to our "GAS Leak" compilations and information about our other projects.

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About GAS

GAS is a project started by Clover on June 7, 2021 with a goal of providing more "approachable" puzzles for the sudoku community (and encouraging other setters to do likewise). Every day on the CTC Community Discord server, the GAS setters (currently Clover, Bill Murphy, and Philip Newman) post a Genuinely Approachable Sudoku. Each puzzle is handcrafted and tested (by the other setters and our resident server mod bakpao) before publication, and comes accompanied with a funny (YMMV) intro and "hat times". For those wishing to participate, solving a puzzle quickly earns a notional party hat 🥳, while solving very quickly earns two 🎩🥳. Other solvers receive a dinosaur 🦕. These are just fun ways of interacting with the solving community and encouraging discussion, which helps us refine our craft and make even better puzzles!

Each month (originally every 20 days) we publish the GAS Leak, a compilation of all the puzzles for that time period with their intros, times, and dinos. Each GAS Leak also includes a few bonus puzzles which were deemed either too difficult or too confusing to post as "Genuinely Approachable". Thanks to Engy for compiling these currently!

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